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Tee Taylor

Tullettia Taylor, affectionately known as Tee to all those who know her, began her love for basketball at the tender age of 2.  “I remember walking and dribbling with my father’s voice giving detailed coaching in the background’.  Tee’s early years were spent mainly playing ball in the streets of Philadelphia, Pa. Later she earned varsity letters in Cross Country track in high school but preferred to cheer from the stands. She ended her athletic career early in College due to a torn ACL and other sports related injuries.  


Her love for cheering continued to drive Tee as she initiated several viable community organizations: Philadelphia Christian Basketball League (an alternative for city youth on weekend nights) in Philadelphia, PA, Cherry Hill Community Cheerleading Program in Cherry Hill, NJ and numerous community and outreach programs. Tee continued her work as the Coordinator and Principal for The Academy of Fitness, Health Promotion and Sports Education at Benjamin Franklin High School in Philadelphia, PA. Introducing young students and exposing them to the vast field of Sports.  In this position Tee also built relationships with The Fitness Czar of Philadelphia, The Philadelphia Eagles, Philadelphia 76er’s, Philadelphia Flyers and The Phillies, exposing Fitness Academy students to valuable internships and building lifelong relations.  " Dr. J is by far the reason I am where I am today. My love for the game kept me involved and working within the game"


As her passion continued in sports education she was able to fulfill a lifelong dream  through sports ownership. . Tee brings to the team an expansive career including player experience, coaching, program development, and creativity available to all who dare to experience the RDC Vulcan game experience.

“Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill is an untapped area with lots of sports potential. I am looking forward to bringing myconcept and team into a community rich with athletic ability and fans eager to enjoy the movement I am excited about our inaugural season concurring with the ABA’s 50th anniversary season.”

Note: I'd love to work with you!   This biography is specific to the sports and programming accomplishments.  For more information on the vast accomplishments outside sports please feel free to contact us and form networking possibilities!

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