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RDC Vulcans Team Vision, Values and Biography

Raleigh Durham Chapel Hill Vulcans (RDC Vulcans) is a community based organization dedicated to providing premier basketball entertainment. The RDC Vulcans also provides an opportunity for local basketball players to obtain national recognition through development, enlightenment and exposure to NBA, NBDL and International Scouts.  RDC Vulcans is a Professional Basketball Team owned by Tee Taylor and Chaun Ferguson in association with the American Basketball Association (ABA). 

The RDC Vulcans “Game Day Experience” will surpass any other traditional experience to include unique tip-off events, themed tailgates, promotions, raffles, halftime performances, celebrity appearances and the world’s greatest mascot VULCATRON!.


The RDC Vulcans recognize the importance of service projects and are committed to community service. The Vulcans value both creating and sustaining community partners through programs and initiatives , therefore; The RDC Vulcans commit to donating a percentage of the net proceeds generated from team games to surrounding local and national charities and organizations.

Through the RDC Vulcans “Each One Reach One” Youth Program, students will be exposed to valuable internships, mentoring and educational programs. Area youth will be given an opportunity to attend RDC Vulcans home games, pre-game and special events as guests, along with the individual or corporate hosts/sponsors who fund those events.

Mission and Goals

The RDC Vulcans will prepare athletes to reach their highest level of athletic potential while incorporating health promotion, fitness and sports education. RDC Vulcans will serve as a training ground to develop professional players, coaches, and personnel on and off the court. Emphasis will be placed on fundamental development, career development, community involvement, and education. We believe the window of opportunity for NBA hopefuls is 3 years while maintaining opportunities in other leagues such as the NBDL, and International Leagues. During the 6 months of operation (November - April) programs are implemented to assist in furthering each player’s development in career, sports' education, and community involvement. RDC Vulcans & ABA continues their reign as the premier organization that every professional scout will be watching to find the next future star! The ABA maintains its reputation as the next best thing to the NBA!

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